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(1) Who should apply?

The Birthday Fellowship welcomes all applicants above the age of 20 regardless of background or experiences.

Our ideal cohort of Birthday Fellows will come from all walks of life: whether a fresh graduate, an LGBT+ advocate, a student, a homemaker, a new citizen, an ex-convict or a single mother, among other possibilities - so long as you are someone with a passion for Singapore, we want to hear from you!

(2) When is it happening?

All applications for The Birthday Fellowship are due by 12 noon, 9 September 2021. After submission, shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a CV and interview over the next month, and successful results will be made known by 9 October 2021.

(3) What will it entail?

From October 2021 to January 2022, Birthday Fellows will be introduced to The Birthday Collective's wide network of partners and inducted into our community of change-makers. This will take place through structured, topical discussions crafted to fit our Fellows’ interests.

From February to October 2022, Fellows will plan and execute a capstone project of their own initiative and preference. The Birthday Collective will support each project with resources both financial and from our community of writers and volunteers.


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Applications are now open till 12 noon, 9 September 2021

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