Oh death! (Belal Hassan)

Oh death!

Looking forward to an awful one

at the moment, I will become present to the past

To you.

On that day, the angle of the eye will be wet

Remember me

I was  your shadow, too.

Around life

Do not remember these days How about today?

No, I could not take any reward.

In the flow of your daily life

I will wander, and no leaving any mark!

Looking forward

for a strange death.

All my activities will come to standstill.

And, you will forget me soon,

What a failing time spent 

busy organizing

but, let's go back to being unharmed.


Belal Hassan was born in Noakhali, Bangladesh. He first came to Singapore as a construction worker from 2008 to 2010. He came again in 2012 to work as a store keeper in a factory. He enjoys reading poems, stories, and journals, and has organised festivals such as the Carnival of Poetry. He writes poems and short stories in English and Bengali, and has been published in several magazines, including Kishor Khantah, a major publication in Bangladesh. Before coming to Singapore, he worked as a kindergarten teacher in Bangladesh.

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