The Birthday Suite

The Birthday Book

Our first and flagship product in 2016 was The Birthday Book; 51 contributors (to commemorate Singapore’s 51st birthday) were invited to share their thoughts on the prompt “What is Singapore’s Next Big Thing?". 

Being an annual publication, each year’s Birthday Book will examine emerging challenges and opportunities for Singapore, and will be published to coincide with National Day. The number of writers each year will match Singapore’s age - 52 for 2017, 53 for 2018, and so on. 

The Birthday Book (Junior)

In 2018, we published our first Birthday Book (Junior), with contributions from junior writers aged four to 13. While the number of Birthday Book contributors would match Singapore's age, the number of Birthday Book (Junior) writers would match Singapore's age + 1 more, as a symbolic gesture of our desire and need to listen more to our youths. They are, after all, the ones who would inherit and create the future of this nation. 

Grab your copy of the latest Birthday Book (Junior) here!

We have since added on to The Birthday Suite of gifts with the following initiatives and projects.

The Birthday Workbooks

A fortnightly newsletter lovingly curated for educators and students, meant as an accompanying resource for publicly accessible Birthday Book essays.

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The Birthday Salon

Join Christopher and Hazirah for chats with contributors to The Birthday Collective. Click here to find out more!

Collectively Speaking: A Podcast Series

A podcast series featuring contributors to the Birthday Book(s), as they speak on a myriad of topics ranging from The Future to TechnologyFamily, Education, and more.

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