Collectively Speaking: A Podcast Series

A podcast series featuring contributors to the Birthday Book(s), as they speak on a myriad of topics ranging from The Future to Technology, Family, Education, and more.

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EP5: Purpose - Of Choices, Transitions & Aspirations

Join this episode's host (Eddie Choo) and guests (Khoo Seok Lin, Dr. Nazry Bahrawi & Khee Shihui) as they share their ever-changing purpose & manage tensions between seemingly binary choices in life and society. Can one be Austere, yet Audacious? Prudent, yet Spontaneous? Only one way to find out - listen in!

EP4: Education - Of Being Agile, Collaborative & Future-Ready

Join this episode's host, Geetha Creffield & Christopher Chok and guests Hazel Peh, Jamie Tan & Arunan Amuthalingam as they revise through the past, present & future including the lessons from their own journeys in making the most of their education.

EP3: Family - Of Grief, Resilience & Transparency

Join this episode's host, Cherie Lim-Tseng, as she joins Joan Leong, Simar Kaur & Rain Khoo in traversing the multitude of pathways that families undertake - beyond what is conventionally shared.

EP2: Technology - Of Identity, Inclusion & Realities

Join this episode's host, Joshua Chambers, as he speaks with Tseng Wun Hsiung, Lim May-Ann & James Chan on a platitude of considerations pertaining to integral technologies used towards building Singapore's Digital Future.

EP1: The Future - Of Next-Normals, What-Ifs & Micro-Futures

Join this episode's hosts, Aaron Maniam & Eddie Choo as they speak to Cheryl Chung, Mariam Aljunied and Tan Eng Teck about trying on various lenses, rose-tinted or otherwise, in an attempt to envision a glimpse of Singapore's future.