A podcast series featuring contributors to the Birthday Book(s), as they speak on a myriad of topics ranging from The Future to Technology, Family, Education, and more.

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EP8: C19 - Of Pandemics, People & Generations

Join our host, Cherie Lim-Tseng, as she speaks with Dr. Kenneth Koh (OneCare Medical), Tim (nonprofit Executive) and Gladys (Music Educator) about their Covid-19 experience. They talk about pregnancy during the pandemic, and what they hope for a future generation to gain.


[Bonus]EP0: The Origin Story (of The Birthday Collective)

What is The Birthday Collective, and how did it get started? Join this bonus episode's host, Cherie Lim-Tseng, as she speaks with the founding members of The Birthday Collective - Malminderjit Singh, Aaron Maniam, & James Chan - on how an idea at the back of a cab has led to series of Birthday Books (and other products like this podcast) to gather perspectives of Singapore's past, present & future, contributed by people from all walks of life. 


EP6: Entrepreneurship - Of Innovating, Questioning & Making Money

Join this episode's host, Prof Kenneth Goh (SMU) as he speaks with Allan Lim (ComCrop), Pamela Chng (Bettr Coffee Co.), Huang Shao-Ning (CareerBuilder) and Kwok Jia Chuan (Conjunct Consulting) about using businesses to create more than just monetary value. They talk about the problems they attempted to solve through business, and what they've learned along the way. 


EP5: Purpose - Of Choices, Transitions & Aspirations

Join this episode's host (Eddie Choo) and guests (Khoo Seok Lin, Dr. Nazry Bahrawi & Khee Shihui) as they share their ever-changing purpose & manage tensions between seemingly binary choices in life and society. Can one be Austere, yet Audacious? Prudent, yet Spontaneous? Only one way to find out - listen in!

EP4: Education - Of Being Agile, Collaborative & Future-Ready

Join this episode's host, Geetha Creffield & Christopher Chok and guests Hazel Peh, Jamie Tan & Arunan Amuthalingam as they revise through the past, present & future including the lessons from their own journeys in making the most of their education.

EP3: Family - Of Grief, Resilience & Transparency

Join this episode's host, Cherie Lim-Tseng, as she joins Joan Leong, Simar Kaur & Rain Khoo in traversing the multitude of pathways that families undertake - beyond what is conventionally shared.

EP2: Technology - Of Identity, Inclusion & Realities

Join this episode's host, Joshua Chambers, as he speaks with Tseng Wun Hsiung, Lim May-Ann & James Chan on a platitude of considerations pertaining to integral technologies used towards building Singapore's Digital Future.

EP1: The Future - Of Next-Normals, What-Ifs & Micro-Futures

Join this episode's hosts, Aaron Maniam & Eddie Choo as they speak to Cheryl Chung, Mariam Aljunied and Tan Eng Teck about trying on various lenses, rose-tinted or otherwise, in an attempt to envision a glimpse of Singapore's future.