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The Birthday Collective

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Who We Are

The Birthday Collective aims to be a “Brain, Heart and Hand Trust” for Singapore as it deals with an increasingly unpredictable and complex external environment, and increasingly acute domestic constraints. The external and internal challenges pose risks but also opportunities, if we remain optimistic and are creative in our approaches.

As a Trust, our projects focus on the gifts we can offer to future generations. True to their name, pure Brain trusts focus on ideas and analysis. The Collective's broader attempt to be a Heart and Hand trust, as well, stems from our conviction that ideas need to be acted on, to create a sense of national drive and belonging, even as individual aspirations are nurtured and lived out.

What We Do — The Birthday Suite 

The Birthday Collective stewards a range of offerings that serve as gifts to our nation, from a diverse range of contributors. Collectively, these products are known as The Birthday Suite.

Our flagship projects are The Birthday Book and The Birthday Book, Jr., the latter, designed specially to give young voices a seat at the proverbial table.

The Birthday Fellowship aims to gather some of the most energetic change-makers and innovators, and support them in growing their ideas via access to our community’s collective expertise.

The Birthday UnConference gathers both our writers and their broader networks to discuss key issues for Singapore, using Open Space facilitation techniques to ensure a participant-driven agenda.

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