[2021] The Birthday Book Jr: Are We There Yet?
[2021] The Birthday Book Jr: Are We There Yet?
The Birthday Collective

[2021] The Birthday Book Jr: Are We There Yet?

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Organisations we’ve partnered in the past:

  • AWWA
  • Halogen Foundation
  • Honour SG
  • Readable
  • VIVA Foundation
  • Children's Wishing Well
  • Gladiolus Place
  • Bethesda Tuition Ministry
  • Bukit Batok CC
  • Crest Secondary School
  • Geylang / Dakota Adventures
  • Gracehaven
  • Learning Vessels
  • Naval Base Secondary School
  • Singapore Children's Society
  • SportCares
  • YMCA


If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

Sometimes, even if you just stay still, you could be somewhere else... In your thoughts!

In this book, you'll meet some new friends, explore some new (and old) places, and maybe get new ideas about what the future might be.

Go on an adventure with us in the pages within... And on the outside, too! Draw or write where you'd like to go, and who you'd like to go with you. It could be anything or anyone (or even this book!)

See you inside! 😉

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