[2022] The Birthday Book Jr: (Re)Start
[2022] The Birthday Book Jr: (Re)Start
The Birthday Collective

[2022] The Birthday Book Jr: (Re)Start

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  • Gracehaven
  • Learning Vessels
  • Naval Base Secondary School
  • Singapore Children's Society
  • SportCares
  • YMCA



Imagine life as one crazy adventure. You’re the explorer steering the ship.

A lifetime of experiences awaits but not all are pleasant. Wouldn't it be great if we could reset time on nasty memories?

But, the power to restart is tricky. While it seems to make us all-powerful, we have no clue where each decision eventually leads. Removing the mystery also seems to remove the thrill of the journey.

This book hopes to capture a little of life’s magic: to mark a moment in our contributors’ lives that they decided not to restart. And if one day they were to look back, they would be able to see, for themselves, where they’ve been and where they’ve gone.

What about you? Given the chance, what would you restart?

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